Meet Our CEO

"Oakland raised me. Oakland made me. And each day it reminds me of why I grind to be who I've been called to be..." 

Tasion Kwamilele knows the risk and rewards of growing up in an urban community. She attended Oakland public schools before graduating from Oakland School for the Arts as a member of the inaugural graduating class.

Growing up, Tasion embraced her passion for writing. She participated in poetry slams, including Brave New Voices as a member of the Bay Area team.  After high school she enrolled at Fisk University, where she double majored in Music and English. She later transferred to Howard University where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in English. During her time at Howard, she was selected to participate in the Howard Homecoming Poetry Cypher two years in a row with greats such as Amiri Baracka and Sunni Patterson.

After completing a successful internship with the Oakland Post Newspaper, Tasion embarked on a career in journalism. She was accepted into UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism, where she obtained her Master's Degree. 
 Her passion for journalism ultimately evolved into a passion for communications and intentional content dissemination. 

While serving as the District Communications Manager for Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Tasion was reminded that true power lies in the ability to tell your own story. And helping organizations unearth that story and create the change they want to see -- through deliberate messaging  and innovative project management -- is what fueled the founding of
The Kwamilele Group.